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I’ve got a sinatra-based app that relies on sessions and I need to test them. ¬†After doing a little digging, here was the solution I was able to come up with:

  1. Make sure that you’re setting your RACK_ENV to ‘test’ ( I do this in my Rakefile )
  2. Disable sessions in your app when in test?
  3. when you make a request that requires a session, pass ‘rack.session’ => {} in the environment hash

See an example of this in my app:Picklespears

Here’s the breakdown of the code,

In the Rakefile:


In the app (picklespears.rb)

if test?
          set :sessions, false
          set :sessions, true

And finally, in the test itself (test/test_player.rb)

post '/player/update', { :name => 'new_name' }, 'rack.session' => { :player_id => }